Hal Reiter

“Executive leadership has become the core asset of any corporation.”
HAL REITER, Chairman and CEO


"Great leaders have a unique trait – they know what they don’t know…and build teams that account for that.”
GENE MANHEIM, Managing Director

Dave Hardie

“The key to finding exceptional leaders is setting the bar high and then being passionate about over-delivering.”
DAVE HARDIE, Managing Director

Kevin Duffy

“It’s the expertise and dedication to excellence of every member of the HMA team that is our point of differentiation.”
KEVIN DUFFY, Managing Director

Brian Meany

“If HMA has conducted a previous search for a client, chances are fair we’ll get the opportunity to conduct the next search.”
BRIAN MEANY, Managing Director

Herbert Mines Associates is the largest retained executive search firm focused exclusively on the consumer and retail industry. Learn more about our firm >

Herbert Mines Associates ranks in the top 15 among all search firms in the Americas by revenue. More important, we are the #1 firm focused exclusively on the retail and consumer industry. Bigger firms are often multi-office, multi-industry generalists.

Source: Executive Search Review. April 2012.


Transaction News

AB InBev will pay $5.8 billion for Oriental Brewery of South Korea. They owned the company before, having sold it to KKR in 2009 for $1.8 billion. Guess we misunderstood that whole “buy low, sell high” concept.

Courtrooms & Bureaucracy

That giantsucking sound was $2.8 billion, going from Starbucks to Kraft. An arbitrator ruled Starbucks should not have terminated Kraft’s contract to distribute packaged coffee in 2010.

Free Thoughts

It’s still safe to move to Switzerland. Voters rebuffed the 1:12 Initiative, a proposal to limit CEO pay to 12x the company’s lowest-paid worker. For perspective, the current ratio at Nestlé is about1:238.

Poorhouse & Layoffs

Kellogg is cutting 2,000 jobs, or 7% of their workforce, over four years. They want Project K to offset challenged revenue.

Marketing & Strategy

Kraft will remove yellow dye from kid-focused varieties of Macaroni & Cheese. But repeat after us – they did not cave in to activists who demanded the change, citing dangersof hyperactivity or worse.

People News

Sheila Stanziale joined Hain Celestial as president of US baby and refrigerated juice. She was at Diageo, PepsiCo, Nabisco, and General Mills.