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The Modern Leader

A Letter From Our Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dear Valued Friends and Partners,

As a trusted leader to consumer facing businesses for 40 years, we are deliberately adapting to the marketplace in order to identify the executive talent our clients need to champion change.

For most consumer facing businesses, the idea of a customer-centric strategy is not new.  The ability to attract, retain, and grow a loyal customer base to commercial success is a driving factor in the strategic plans for growth of successful companies.  Shoppers today are digitally savvy, brand and socially conscious, and they have short attention spans. This has driven the realization that an obsessively prioritized customer-centric operating model is required to survive and thrive.  The search for the “Modern Leader” is more important than ever, as this role is essential for succeeding in the increasingly competitive digitally led marketplace.

Staying true to Herb Mines’ founding vision in 1978, we as a firm understand the intrinsic value of customer experience both as consultative search partners and interested consumers.  Since then, we have had the opportunity to witness and participate in the ever-changing landscape of the retail and consumer-facing industry at large.  As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are embracing the opportunity to reflect on our past and look to our exciting future.

As we see the new wave of executive titles, ranging from Chief Customer Officer to Chief Experience Officer, to Chief Brand and Innovation Officer, we are solving for functional needs that companies didn’t even know existed five years ago.  With 63% of our work in the omni-channel sector we are tasked with finding the “full entity executive” that can take on the responsibility of the Modern Leader role.

The evolution and expansion of our firm’s practice is in alignment with our client’s needs relative to how consumers shop.  Herbert Mines Associates was founded with the vision to create a search firm dedicated to the retail industry, but looking back on our search practice over the past forty years we have greatly expanded our reach.  Beginning with what was considered an innovative channel 40 years ago, our practice has since expanded to serve consumer facing businesses broadly as our clients adapted their models to keep up with the digital age.

In the midst of all this change, one of our strategic advantages is our nimbleness.  We adapt our approach as needed to find the next-gen talent for our clients to succeed today and tomorrowWe hear from our clients that our attention and dedication is what differentiates us as a firm.

We know how to find the game-changers our clients need in order to navigate through these times of exponential change. We are thought partners, constantly learning from our clients and applying those learnings as we place best-in-class talent at companies looking to innovate.  We look forward to our next 40 years!



Hal Reiter

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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