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Case Studies

Our Placements Are Driving Growth

HMA Recruited a President/CEO-Successor for a High-Growth Value Retailer.

Client: $2.2B Market Cap Retailer in the Value Sector

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The Challenge: Growing more than 20% per year, our client was looking to transition executive leadership from its Founders to a growth-oriented President and CEO-successor. It was expected that he/she would partner with the sitting CEO in architecting the strategies necessary to ensure continued future success.

Specifically, the company needed to re-evaluate it’s operational processes, infrastructure capabilities, and talent development approach to evolve for the next wave of growth. It was also essential that the future leader connect authentically with the company’s creative culture. Finally, the executive needed Wall Street credibility to maintain the investment community’s confidence in the company’s continued performance.

The Outcome: Herbert Mines Associates effectively recruited a highly-successful sitting-CEO from a $6B division of a public company. In his prior position at a leading box box retailer, the executive led the fastest growing division for over three years and drove the integration of the once separate “pure-play” digital business with its retail offering. Earlier roles over the company’s northern division provided the executive with the operational scale to drive our client’s expected growth, while the more entrepreneurial culture of his current department prepared the placement for the product and creative-led culture of the new company.

The executive also spent several years in both marketing and operations at a multi-billion dollar hard-lines retailer and early training at a value retailer, rounding out his career with the functional breadth of experience required in our client’s new strategic leader.

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