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Millennials: The Next Generation of Game-Changers

At Herbert Mines Associates, we remain committed to finding the next generation of game-changing leaders. Through our ongoing search work, we are proactively identifying, qualifying, and referencing up-and-coming talent. In our partnerships with C-Suite leaders, we have witnessed the millennial generation continue to rise into the executive ranks.

Here are the Top Five Characteristics and Trends we have observed:

Tech-Savvy Generation

Millennials are differentiated from their older peer generations by their education in, access to and familiarity with technology. Millennial talent doesn’t solely rely on a company’s reputation or the presented information in a Position Description; they often come prepared with an independent point of view developed through their own research via LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and/or social media. When recruiting, it is important to understand your brand and the impression it has on this informed consumer.

Recruit for Potential but Ground in Experience

Past performance is the best indicator of future success, but millennial executives ascending in their careers need to be evaluated without lengthy track records in leadership roles. While millennial talent may not have the typical depth of experience, recruiters can evaluate potential. At Herbert Mines Associates, we believe that the two most important characteristics to test for are aptitude and smarts, to help grade both emotional as well as intellectual intelligence.

Values-Driven Talent Pool

Disruptive and emerging brands continue to be magnets for next-gen talent, and executive leaders often seek corporate cultures that foster and demand innovation. While the passion-connection has typically been reserved for marketing executives, increasingly we are seeing millennial executives of all functions require their company’s product or experience and overall mission to align with their core values.

Power of the Millennial

As this generation continues to advance in their professional careers, they will ultimately transition into hiring managers, become the predominate working force, and have the most consumer buying power. Given their influence as the next generation of game-changers, it is crucial to understand the “millennial recruiting style” and develop meaningful relationships with this talent pool.

Seeker to Sought-After

Individuals entering leadership roles may be making the transition from jobseeker to sought-after executive. With these first recruiting experiences, many millennials are only just learning about the world of executive search. As they navigate this new process, we have seen an upfront need to demystify the search process and explain the role outside search partners play.

With the rise of the millennial generation, we at Herbert Mines Associates strongly believe the sooner we get to know this customer and candidate, the better.

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