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Five Essential Qualities That Attract Best-In-Class Digital Talent

The landscape for attracting top digital talent is incredibly competitive with the most experienced executives juggling multiple job offers from companies across industries. Herbert Mines Associates has been recruiting top digital talent to consumer-facing businesses since the emergence of this channel, giving us a wealth of experience regarding what is necessary to attract industry leaders.

1. CEO Buy-InDigital leaders are eager to work with CEOs who actively sponsor digital initiatives, have made digital a key pillar on the strategic agenda, and provide the financial and tactical support to build out best-in-class capabilities.

2. A Seat at the TableReporting structure can be a tipping point for in-demand executives with opportunities to report directly to the CEO being highly desirable for many and a “must-have” for some. These executives are looking for a seat at the proverbial table with opportunities to influence enterprise-level strategy and grow in functional responsibility.

3. Technology As A PartnerTop digital talent is attracted to companies where technology executives are strong cross-functional partners. A progressive CIO who strategically supports the digital head by investing in the right technology is critical for attracting external talent.

4. Risk Tolerant LeadershipIndustry leaders in digital are inspired by the opportunity to test innovations and pioneer new processes. Thus, the most motivating opportunities are at companies that support and understand this trial-and-error process.

5. Nimble OrganizationsTechnology and online cultural trends change almost daily and reacting quickly to them is key, therefore digital executives are attracted to roles that will empower them to make decisions and stay on top of shifting trends.

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