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Letter From The Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dear Friends and Partners,

Welcome to 2017. At Herbert Mines Associates, we ring in the New Year looking to the future while also taking the opportunity to reflect on the past year of change. Retail isn't going away; it is just changing form. With the news of major retailers shutting their doors and e-commerce disruptors taking over the scene, 2016 was witness to an incredible amount of change, most notably within the digital space. At Herbert Mines Associates we, too, have experienced the shift towards an online focus as we continue to work with our clients to partner on their evolving executive search needs. In the past two years alone we have tripled our search work in the digital/e-commerce and information technology space. As in-store shoppers evolve into online spenders and digital experiences are increasingly vital to building brand loyalty, 2017 looks to be a year of digital investments across industries.

In a similar spirit of transformation, we are proud to also start the New Year with the announcement of our redesigned Herbert Mines Associates website. Our updated site was designed to be faster, more user-friendly and easier to navigate. With thanks to the creative design team at NSG/SWAT for their work, we invite you to explore more of our redesigned site at www.herbertmines.com.

2016 marked a year of tremendous growth and adapting with our clients to meet the challenges of the past year. Retail isn't going away but it is changing form, and our clients continue to depend on us to lead them through these periods of transformation. We look forward to the year ahead and wish you the best for 2017! 


Hal Reiter

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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