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Celebrating Female C-Suite Game Changers

2016 Letter from the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Herbert Mines Associates

Dear Friends and Partners,

As we at Herbert Mines Associates enter our 38th year in retained executive search, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the incredible strides that our industry has made toward gender equality in the executive suite and the specific success of some of our recent female placements. At the same time, I want to reaffirm our commitment to advancing executive diversity in 2016 and beyond, as we partner with our clients to build effective and progressive leadership teams.

On a broader note, we are proud to serve the retail and fashion industry, which is one of the most gender diverse sectors¹ with specialty retail having the highest number of female CEOs in the Fortune 1000². Companies in the apparel, department store, and footwear sectors have been particularly progressive. According to our Annual CEO Turnover Study, companies in these sectors accounted for 69% of female CEO appointments among public retail companies between 2008 and 2015³. I hope that together with our clients we can continue to set an example for organizations across industries.

At Herbert Mines Associates, we are dedicated to helping our clients effectively assess and recruit executives in an increasingly diverse marketplace. I am pleased to share with you that in the last three years 40 percent of our executive placements have been women, including 30 C-suite level female leaders across public, private and private equity-backed companies.  These women have not only broken through the proverbial “glass ceiling,” but are recognized as disruptive innovators within their companies and their industries.

In celebrating these women, I also want to draw attention to the women of Herbert Mines Associates who have made invaluable contributions to the success of our firm and provide a unique perspective on executive diversity recruiting. Seventy-seven percent of Herbert Mines Associates’ employees are female, and women are represented at every tier of our organization, including half of our Managing Directors/Vice Presidents and our President.

As we move forward to the second half of this decade, a commitment to the finest execution of our craft remains our critical mission. We wish you the best for 2016!


Hal Reiter Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Celebrating Our Female C-Suite Game Changers

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